image of precision sheet metal prototype

Bending Area

Metal Bending Area MachineryWhen an Incodema engineer is talking about the bends, he is not referring to a diving related sickness. Incodema features a bending room that represents the state of the art in sheet metal bending.

A blank part is inserted into a die or jig and the press brake machine applies tons of pressure to the blank to bend the part into the desired form. While individual bends are relatively simple to perform, some parts require compound bends at great precision.

In conjunction with the highly accurate bending machine the operator is able to visualize each part on the adjacent computer kiosk to ensure all design specifications are met. This attention to detail allows the bending engineer to determine the most efficient way to form the part.

The eight press brakes in the press room ensure that Incodema is able to handle a large volume of parts as fast as possible.

On more complicated parts, the work in progress can be staged through multiple machines, taking advantage of the capabilities of each machine.  All of the current bending machines are made by Toyokoki.

The bending machines are extremely accurate and fully electric. This process is nearly silent, reducing operator fatigue and stress.

Since positioning the materials on the machine is a major key to success, a quiet process in a well organized work environment allows the operator to focus on the parts and not be distracted by the environment.