image of precision sheet metal prototype

Haas CNC Lathe - Milling

Hass CNC LatheWhile traditional machining is not a primary focus for Incodema it remains an important component in the manufacturing of parts for our clients.

The Haas CNC lathe provides an important capability for Incodema. The lathe is used for creating the turned parts which are usually used as studs and inserts for other parts assemblies.

This flexibility ensures that Incodema can manufacture complex part assemblies in the best manner possible.

By featuring a well rounded machine shop, Incodema ensures that no matter how simple or complicated our customers designs are we are able to manufacture the parts to the client’s specification.

This holistic approach to manufacturing enables Incodema to leverage it’s advanced technology with its engineering and design expertise effectively. By leveraging all the technology available to Incodema the engineers are able to create the most cost efficient and fastest manufacturing router for even the most sophisticated parts.