image of precision sheet metal prototype

Haas VF2 - Milling

Hass VF2Smaller than the Haas VF8 is the Haas VF2. Although this milling machine is smaller than the VF8 it also represents the state of the art CNC milling center.

The VF2 is just as accurate and fast as the VF8, but it is more suitable for smaller parts. Having a variety of machine sizes allows Incodema to level all the jobs in the shop and ensure the maximum part throughput and efficiency.

In combination with the ERP system and the operator status reporting from the shop floor, real time machine status and production metrics are available to the Incodema management team to ensure the production process is optimized and running most efficiently.

By ensuring the smooth operation of all the milling machines, Incodema is able to maintain throughput, optimize quality, and the pass the savings back to the Incodema clients.