image of precision sheet metal prototype

Haas VF8 - Milling

Hass VF8 When it comes to raw power and precision there is no CNC mill available on the market that is superior to the wide capabilities of the mighty Haas VF8. The Haas VF8 in combination with the other milling machines make Incodema the largest machining center in the New York region.

The Haas VF8 is used for the largest of parts and tooling. The enhanced size capabilities allow Incodema to offer its customers parts ranging in size from microns to meters. The VF8 even features in a built in crane to assist the operator in lifting over sized and heavy parts into position.

The mills are fully computer controlled and integrated with the Incodema ERP system. At each workstation is a computer kiosk that allows the operator to review all information concerning the product being produced.

The operator is able to review all part information and visualize the part in 3D right at the work center. This enhanced computer capability enables Incodema to reduce errors and perform QC checks during processing instead of several hours or days after the part has been manufactured.