image of precision sheet metal prototype

Press Brake

Press Brake MachineA press brake machine is a machine that uses pressure to bend metal parts into the desired configuration. Raw materials are placed into a die and then the press brake forces the material to bend.

By using high quality press brake machines with precision servo motors it is possible to make bends to highly precise angles.

The Incodema press brake room features 8 high quality press machines that range from 20 to 80 tons of pressure. Co-located in the press brake room is a series of QC tools, including an optical comparator to ensure compliance with all tolerances.

Located at each press brake work site is a touch screen computer that allows the engineers and technicians to view the part being formed in 3D. The computerized ERP system also ensures that the engineers receive all process or product changes as soon as they are entered into the system.

Incodema Press Brakes At A Glance:
• Perform bends up to 8’
• Bend material up to .250”
• CNC controlled multi axis bending
• Standard tooling
• Cost effective volume 5-10K
• Tolerance +/-.003($$$$) +/-.010 ($$)
• Fast Setup / Programming