image of precision sheet metal prototype


sheet metal prototyping equipment on the shop floor
Incodema offers solutions for all your manufacturing needs, with quick turnaround and leading service quality. From metal prototypes and rapid prototyping for metal parts to Additive Manufacturing of metals and plastics, we will recommend the best process for your project. 

From simple to complex parts, the Incodema team is excited to turn your concept into reality. With a wide range of capabilities and full turnkey assemblies, we can manufacture your parts efficiently and accurately.  

Incodema offers:

► Microcut 

Laser Water Jet Cutting 

► Laser Cutting 

► Traditional Machining 

► Metal Stamping 

► Four Slide Stamping 

► Forming Tools 

► Plating, Powder Coating, Heat Treating 

► Welding

Additive Manufacturing (AM) 

Photo Chemical Machining (PCM)