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Heat Treat, Plating, Powder Coating

heat plating equipment

Incodema offers a variety of finishing options for all parts. We offer heat treating, powder coating, and plating options at Incodema. We also partner with vendors to ensure your part gets the finish it requires through our ERP system. Incodema’s ERP system ensures proper tracking throughout every process. Incodema utilizes time agreements and vendor certification to ensure all sourcing destinations maintain the same commitment to quality and timeliness Incodema has. 

Finishing Options:

► Powder Coating is  protective in nature and not cosmetic

► Powder Coating is cosmetic, but is not intended to be final showroom ready

► Additional finishes can be achieved through additional processing:

~ Brushed

~ Polished

~ Bead Blasted

► Timesaver is used for parts requiring highly polished finishes