image of precision sheet metal prototype

Metal Prototyping Processes

metal processing equipment on the shop floor

Every part brings with it a new series of challenges for a design team.

Incodema offers quick turnaround metal prototypes and rapid prototyping for metal parts. Depending on a parts material, time frame, critical dimensions and post machining operations, we offer a variety of processes to satisfy all prototyping needs.

From simple to complex parts, the Incodema team is excited to turn your concept into reality. With a wide range of capabilities and full turnkey assemblies, we can manufacture your parts efficiently and accurately with quick turnaround.  

Incodema offers:

► Microcut 

Laser Water Jet Cutting 

► Laser Cutting 

► Traditional Machining 

► Metal Stamping 

► Four Slide Stamping 

► Forming Tools 

► Plating, Powder Coating, Heat Treating 

► Welding

Photo Chemical Machining (PCM)