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MICROCUT™ Waterjet Cutting

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Micro Waterjet Cutting for Biomedical Prototyping

Advantages of MICROCUT™ Waterjet Cutting Technology

Biomedical prototyping is an ideal application for MICROCUT™ waterjet cutting technology. The process’s low occurrences of process forces and thermal stress allows for the execution of the most accurate delicate, sharp-edged contours.

This precision micro water jet cutting process quickly and accurately removes material to produce a finished piece with little to no burr and no heat deformation. Fast flexible “just in time” micro water jet machining produces your prototype to your exact specifications: precise, cost effective, and FAST.

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Engineering Experience in Producing Biomedical Prototypes

In addition, Incodema engineers have extensive experience in design and problem solving skills with pre-clinical metal prototype design. We have partnered with many medical and biological science professionals to develop a wide range of parts, from surgical inserts to diagnostic devices.We are biomedical prototypes specialists.

Making Your Biomedical Prototyping Project a Success

Micro waterjet cutting technology along with Incodema’s highly experienced engineering staff -- the successful combination that consistently achieves superior results. Contact us today to discuss your next biomedical prototyping project with one of our micro waterjet cutting experts.