Lean Management

And the Five S's

Sort Systemize Shine Standardize Sustain

Incodema has selected tools and methodologies to assist in the identification and elimination of waste.

Our goal is to become highly responsive to customer demands while producing high-quality parts in the most efficient and economic way possible. Being lean is about speed and getting it right the first time.

5S is a methodology for cleaning and organizing a workplace. In practicing this discipline, clutter is reduced and needed items may be readily found, resulting in higher efficiencies.  

In 2009, Incodema reached its goal of obtaining a “5” rating in all common work areas and production centers.

Incodema’s entire workforce is committed to the principles of lean manufacturing and 5S. Our facilities run more efficiently, tools are readily available when needed, and fulfillment in the workplaces and products is self-evident. Increased efficiencies have resulted in cost savings, allowing us to provide competitive pricing for our customers.