Our Equipment

With the extensive variety of state-of-the-art machines we maintain on our shop floor, we are able to control every stage of the manufacturing process. That means we deliver your parts quickly without sacrificing quality.


Our lasers are known in the industry as the gold standard of laser cutter technology due to their incredible speed and accuracy.

Waterjet Machine

A waterjet cutter is a machine tool process that can cut metal and composite materials with CNC accuracy and without heat affected zones. It works by pressurizing a combination of water and an abrasive material, such as garnet, and forcing it through a nozzle onto materials to form their desired shape. Abrasive waterjets are ideal for heavy gage and tough applications and can cut materials with a thickness of up to 6 inches in both low and high quantities.

Finishing Tool

Our technicians use this machine to deliver a great, high-quality finish in a quick turnaround time. We can even achieve a mirror-like finish with this machine.


Our fully automated deburring system processes up to 3 metal sheets per minute without the use of manual labor. This allows us to deburr your parts faster, which translates to faster turnaround times for you.

4 Slides

Incodema houses three four-slide machines for precision parts forming. Our four-slides are ideal for creating small parts like electrical connectors, flat springs, brackets, clips and any parts that require intricate forming. Maintaining multiple machines on our shop floor means we can produce large runs faster than most other manufacturers.

Multi Slides

We maintain three multi-slide machines on our shop floor. Multi-slide machines have eight axes, and they can produce smaller components with greater complexity than a four-axed four-slide machine. They are ideal for producing flat terminals, flat springs, brackets, clips and wire forms. These machines are also extremely efficient, and they can produce one part every two seconds.

Press Brakes

Incodema houses eight press brakes with 0.0001” resolution.

300-Ton Press

This press’s large bed size of 3’ by 6’ makes it ideal for producing large parts. It’s advanced controls and versatility make it one of our most accurate and dependable machines and reduces production time.

22-Ton Press

This press provides reliable and efficient punching, and it is powerful enough to punch through the toughest materials without sacrificing quality.

Wire EDM Machines

We have three Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM) on our shop floor. EDM is a cutting technology which uses high electrical currents to erode metal on a workpiece. EDM creates highly detailed, very small prototype parts typically made of conductive metal, and our EDMs can cut complex contours in pre-hardened steel without the need for additional heat-treating. These machines are extremely accurate with super tight tolerance capabilities, and they are perfect for precision cut parts.

Seely Slide Forming Tool

Developed in-house and only available at Incodema, this innovative process is similar to fully automated 4-slide and multi-slide manufacturing. This machine is ideal for low to mid-level production of parts with a material thickness of up to 0.020” and a width of 1”. It is significantly faster than manual bend press brakes and can form complex, small internal features using pre-blanked parts. With this machine, we can produce parts in 5 minutes that take 2 hours to form on a traditional press brake.

Fiber Laser

This machine is the fastest laser cutter on our shop floor and is uniquely capable of cutting copper.

35-Ton Blanking Press

Our Bliss Press is perfect for mid-level production and is less expensive than traditional high volume tooling. It is capable of high speed, rapid blanking and simple, progressive automated die production. With this press, we can deliver your parts in as little as 5 to 6 weeks.

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