Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

Quality Assurance so You Get the Right Part the First Time

How do you inspect a part in all three dimensions? The Incodema QC professionals use a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).Coordinate Measuring Machine

With Inspection being ingrained in all parts of the Incodema manufacturing operation, the CMM is a valuable inspection tool. The QC professional uses the 3D client CAD file to view the specified part and compare the part being developed in all 3 dimensions.

The QC professional uses the probe to take multiple data points on all parts. Since Incodema is completely able to utilize 3D CAD technology, the engineers do not need 2D prints for accurate inspection.

Incodema uses CMM to perform the following QC operations:

  • Dimensional measurement and verification
  • Profile measurement Depth mapping
  • Digitizing and part mapping
  • Angularity or orientation measurement