Timesaver Finishing Machine

Get the Highest Quality Finish

For high quality product finishing, Incodema technicians use the Timesaver Series 2200. This machine allows the technician to achieve a mirror like finish on some parts.Timesaver Finishing Machine

If your prototype is for a consumer product and you want to achieve the highest quality finish possible this process and machine may be employed. This extra care and attention to detail follow this part throughout the part’s development to ensure the best finish is obtained.

The Timesaver has the following features:

  • Drum and oscillating brush head types
  • 6” diameter drum and 8” diameter oscillating brush
  • 15-45 feed speed A/C (reversing)
  • 14” infeed loading area
  • 8” minimum part length
  • Two speed motor on abrasive head
  • Reversible direction on last brush