Wire EDM Machines

Precision Cutting for Tight Tolerances

Incodema features three Mitsubishi RA-90 Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM). EDM is a cutting technology which uses high electrical currents to erode metal on a workpiece.

The result of an EDM operation is the production of parts that would be traditionally very difficult to create with standard machining processing.

Wire EDM Machines

EDM creates highly detailed, very small prototype parts typically made of conductive metal.

The EDMs are able to cut complex contours in pre-hardened steel without the need for additional heat-treating. This very versatile manufacturing metal can be used with metals or metal alloys such as Inconel, kKovar hastelloy and titantium.

The accuracy of the EDM process allows Incodema to create parts with a very high tolerance. The EDMs complement Incodema’s laser cutters and allow the Incodema engineers the ability to create even the most detailed parts.

By having three EDM machines running multiple shifts, Incodema is able to fabricate parts up to 16 hours per day to ensure timely delivery of these superior parts to our clients.