Prototyping for the Biggest Engineering Challenges

Get Even the Toughest Industrial Prototypes Faster Than Ever

Incodema’s unique manufacturing capabilities can be applied to sheet metal prototypes that range in size from microns to meters.

You may generally have designs that must endure high stresses repeatedly without failure.

Incodema has the design and fabrication expertise needed to ensure that the final parts willbe suitable for the most demanding applications.

From industrial enclosures, control systems, and industrial tool development, Incodema has partnered with many leading industry innovators to bring their designs to life.

Incodema takes great pride in our speed, quality and engineering capabilities. We have many examples of projects where the sheet metal prototype was quoted, built, and delivered before the competition even completed the quotation!

Industries We Cover

Get Your Parts on Time and at the Right Price

What do all of our primary industries have in common? Engineers and new product development staff. All sectors are being asked to do more with less, faster, and with higher precision.

Getting a part right the first time has never been more important. Incodema has a proven track record of delivering sheet metal prototypes that allow engineers to get their parts and projects completed as fast as possible and ensuring that they are right the first time.

Have a deadline for sheet metal prototypes?

Need expert engineering consulting?

Do you need that part for a demonstration or critical test?

Don’t take a chance. Go with the sure bet and let Incodema help you toward your success!