Automotive Industry

Prototyping Auto Components

Delivering Sheet Metal Prototype Parts Cost Effectively

The automotive industry is currently going through a transformative period of change. Clearly the old ways of doing business are no longer a viable alternative for continued success.

New designs are needed and new processes are being retooled for efficiencies. Economic pressures are driving the need for significant change and innovation.

Incodema is sensitive to the challenges and opportunities facing the automotive industry.

Get Reliable Automotive Prototypes Faster 

Our continued commitment to speed and delivering sheet metal prototype parts in a cost effective manner is in direct alignment with the goals and challenges that the automotive companies and their suppliers are facing.

From fenders to lighting assemblies, Incodema has the engineering knowledge to get the custom metal prototype created. Incodema has partnered with many leading automotive industry innovators to bring their designs to life.

Recently one of the Incodema engineers was talking about the sense of pride he felt when he realized that as he was driving his new car off the lot, he looked over and saw a part that he helped design.

As this industry changes Incodema will continue to be there to meet its needs for rapid prototyping and design services.