Low Carbon Cold Rolled Steel (CRS - HRS)

Inexpensive / Wide Range of Applications


  • Clamps and Brackets
  • Chassis and Enclosures
  • Deep Drawn Parts
  • Commonly used in the Automotive, Appliance and Furniture industries, among many more.

Common Sheet Alloys:

  • C1008, composition includes 010% carbon and 0.40% manganese.
  • C1010, composition includes 0.080% to 0.13% carbon and 0.60% manganese.
  • Most commonly supplied in annealed condition.
  • May be purchased in 1/4 hard and 1/2 hard condition by work hardening at the mill.

Characteristics and Other Things to Know:

  • Easy to form and weld.
  • May be heat treated (case hardened, carburized) after forming for added strength and surface hardness.
  • Requires surface treatment for corrosion resistance.