Small Precision Parts

Precision & Quality Faster Than Ever

Expert Precision from Prototype to Production

Sophisticated Electrical ConnectorsAt Incodema, we specialize in manufacturing complex small parts, with unbelievable precision for a wide range of industries.

Affordable and faster than the rest, due to our state-of-the-art facilities.

Prototype and Low Volume

  • Blanking resources
    • Laser
    • MicroCut (micro waterjet)
    • Waterjet
    • Photo Chemical Machining
    • Wire EDM
  • Bending and Forming Resources
    • Industry standard press brake tooling and process
    • Proprietary press brake modular tooling
    • SeelySlide (Semi-Automated bending and forming)


  • Die Blanking (flat parts and some parts with formed features)
  • 4-Slide / MultiSlide (Automated Production, including blanking and forming)