Four Slide Stamping

Get More Intricate Parts Faster

When You Need Multiple Intricate Bends

Four slide technology is a great process for stamping and forming small, intricate parts with multiple bends from either wire or thin strip metal. The wire or strip is fed through a straightened coil or spool and then enters a punching section to be formed into the desired part.

Four slide stamping may be ideal for wire forms, flat springs, intricate springs, brackets, clips, flat terminals, or any stamped and formed metal component. It has the ability to create accurate, repeatable parts with lower tooling costs in a singular process. 


  • Typical Delivery 3-4 weeks 
  • Multi Slide  
  • Reduced tooling cost 
  • Forming Cassette 
  • Part size limitations 
  • Tolerance +/- .002 to .010 typical