Laser Cutting

State-of-the-Art Machines to Expedite Your Order

What Sets Incodema Lasers Apart?

Incodema utilizes the most powerful and fastest lasers on the market to ensure high-speed precision parts.

We have a 20,000-gallon bulk nitrogen and oxygen storage facility to ensure our laser cutters are operating at their highest capacity. Each laser is encoded by one of our programmers to ensure parts are created efficiently, quickly and with high precision.

High speed and high quality make the applications that use these laser cutters very cost competitive and a real value for our customers.

We have even enhanced the productivity of the laser cutter by purchasing conductivity sensors for the cutting head. These sensors help position the laser beam precisely by determining where on the part the laser head truly is.

The capacitive sensor is able to follow varying surface contours which allows Incodema to perform secondary cutting to drawn, embossed, and gently curved parts. Tolerances are typically +/-.005, but a tolerance of +/-.002 can be achieved.

Laser cutting technology is ideal for prototyping and medium run production of up to a volume of 5,000 parts.

The sheet feeder attachment ensures that the machines are always operating with no standby time for material loading or individual assistance. 

Incodema's World Class Laser Cutting Facilities Feature: 

  • Total Capital investment in excess of $2M
  • 2 Mitsubishi Laser Cutters
  • 5000W Flying Optic Laser; providing the fastest cutting and highest precision fabrication of parts
  • High-speed cutting capability, the fast industrial laser cutters available
  • 5’ x 10’ sheet capacity; large sheets enable Incodema the ability to maximize part placement and reduce waste

Material Thickness Limitations:

  • Aluminum .375”
  • Stainless .50”
  • CRS .75”
  • Copper .060”

Addition Information

  • Tolerance +/-.002 ($$$$) +/-.005 ($$)
  • Setup/programming cost: minimal
  • Delivery: Fast, 1 day to 1 week