Photo Chemical Machining

Efficient Cutting for Thin, Complex Parts

Newcut Inc.

1 of 4 companies in The Incodema Group of Companies, NewCut is the industry leader in Photo Chemical Machining

Why Photo Chemical Machining? 

Photo Chemical Machining is the ideal manufacturing solution for a wide variety of parts with complex geometries, such as encoders, screens or filters.  Exceptional quality and cost effective

  • Parts are burr free and due to the nature of the process, perfectly clean and free of contaminants.
  • A single internal cutout to tens of thousands of internal cutouts can be etched for the same piece price.
  • Features can be half-etched or partial-etched (etching partway through the metal) to create bend lines for manual forming, part marking or other features.

Chem Etch Basics

  • Standard sheet sizes, 12" x 24" to 18" x 24" (smaller sheet sizes are also possible)
    • Maximum sheet size, 36" x 59"
  • Standard tolerance is 10% of material thickness - better tolerance is possible at additional cost.
  • Smallest hole diameter must be 110% of material thickness - smaller is possible at additional cost.
  • Minimum inside radius must be 100% of material thickness; Minimum outside radius must be 75%.
  • Space between cutouts must be 100% of material thickness.
  • Optimum thickness range is 0.002" to 0.030".  <0.002" is possible at additional cost.
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