Photo Chemical Machining


NewCut, Inc.

1 of 4 companies in The Incodema Group of Companies, NewCut is the industry leader in Photo Chemical Machining

Why Photo Chemical Machining?

Photo Chemical Machining may be the best manufacturing solution for thin parts with complex geometries, such as encoders, screens or filters.  Remarkable quality and cost effective.

  • Parts are burr free and due to the nature of the process, perfectly clean and free of contaminants.
  • From a single internal cutout to 10,000 or more internal cutouts - SAME PIECE PRICE!
  • Features can be half-etched or partial-etched (etching partway through the metal) to create bend lines for manual forming, part marking or other features.

Things to know:

  • Standard sheet sizes, 12" x 24" to 18" x 24" (smaller sheet sizes also possible)
    • Maximum sheet size, 36" x 59"
  • Standard tolerance is 10% of material thickness - better is possible for additional cost
  • Smallest hole diameter must be 110% of material thickness - smaller is possible for additional cost
  • Minimum inside radius must be 100% of material thickness; Minimum outside radius must be 75%
  • Space between cutouts must be 100% of material thickness
  • Optimal thickness range is 0.002" to 0.030"; <0.002" is possible

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