Precision Forming

A More Conventional Process for Your Part

Greater Complexity with a Fast Turnaround

In addition to all of the large tools, Incodema is also able to take more conventional approaches to precision forming.

Incodema engineers pride themselves on being able to deliver parts that feature complex three-dimensional bends and features to simple flat sheet parts.

Prototype Precision Forming
Prototype Headlight
Prototype Precision Forming

Typical Lead Times

All quotes are generated within 24 hours of request.

Parts can ship in 6-8 business days from receipt of the order. Expedite options are available.

Manufacturability Assistance

We don't design your part, but we work with you to determine a more affordable way to manufacture your part.

We will suggest modifications to make the part easier to manufacture.

We Specialize in Complex Parts

Our customers love our ability to produce complex parts quickly and affordably.

We handle parts such as:

  • Lots of bends where bend order is crucial
  • Complex geometries
  • Multiple stages of production/bending
  • All tooling is designed and built in house, from 2D Wire EDM to 3D CNC milled tooling, or a combination of both.
  • Parts that require plating, powder coating, and heat treating. We have strategic partnerships with companies to perform these operations and our partners are accustomed to our short deadlines!

Material Thickness

  • 0.001” to .250”


  • +/- 0.005” STD across 1 Bend, add 0.003” for each additional bend. Tighter tolerance possible.

Part Volume

  • 1 unit – thousands
  • Prototype to Production
  • Moderate Set up Costs


  • Forming
  • Gussets
  • Deep Draw
  • Dimples

Precision Forming at a Glance:

  • 2D or 3D designs
  • Available presses up to 300 Tons for thicker material and deeper draws
  • Tooling costs can be considerably lower than for high volume production

Precision Forming Equipment List

We have the right equipment for the right volume and size of your part.