Semi-Automated Manufacturing

Supporting Low to Mid-Volume Production

Incodema's Innovative Solutions

Incodema has a wide array of cost effective, Semi-Automated manufacturing solutions.  The cost of Semi-Automated tooling solutions range from 15-30% of fully automated production tooling, for piece pricing that makes sense.

Photo Chemical Machined Flat Blanks

Small, thin parts with complex flat geometry are manufactured cost effectively, burr free and ready for forming.

Put-and-Take Tooling

Semi-complex dies, actuated manually or by machine, form complex features and/or multiple bending operations in one step.

Die Blanking

Flat parts and some parts with formed features may be manufactured complete in full automation or made ready for secondary, semi-automated bending and forming processes.


Developed in house and only available at Incodema, this innovative process is similar to fully automated 4-Slide/Multislide manufacturing.  The one-of-a-kind equipment was designed and built by Clint Seely, a master tool maker with a skill set beyond that of most.  With this tool, a part that once took 2 hours to form on a press brake with custom, modular tooling, has been reduced to 5 minutes on the SeelySlide™.

Put and Take