Specialty Stamping

No Feature is too Challenging

World-Class Stamping Capability

While most suppliers will shy away from supplying prototype sheet metal parts with custom features such as gussets or embosses, Incodema's manufacturing resources are capable of supplying full-featured parts surprisingly fast and with extraordinary quality.

Our skilled and creative tool makers design and create complex tooling solutions necessary to manufacture the most challenging stamped parts.  Many of Incodema's hands-on operators possess engineering level skills.  They are empowered to develop manufacturing solutions on the fly, which keeps the manufacturing process moving without extensive engineering or upper management support.

Our people are truly the heart of Incodema! 

Custom Features:

  • Gussets
  • Embosses
  • Extruded and Tapped Holes
  • Louvers
  • Wiped Walls
  • Hinge Wraps
  • Lanced and Formed
  • Complex Contours