Metal Stamping

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Stamping includes a variety of sheet metal forming manufacturing processes such as punching, blanking, and bending. This process can occur in a single stage operation or it can occur through a series of stages, depending on the part. Typical material used for stampings is metal.

Our operation supports a wide variety of metal stamping services for a variety of industries. We have a strong secondary operation with the capability to produce your part from start to end in one place.

Mechanical Cutting and Forming:

  • Punch, Die & Stripper
  • Die Shoe
  • Cost vs. Volume (3-5K parts pays for tooling)
  • Typical Small Part Die Set ($2,500 - $4,000)
  • Typical Small Part Delivery: 3 - 4 weeks
  • Park Size Limitations
  • Tolerance: +/- 0.002 to 0.010

Mechanical Process

  • Mechanical device in die show
  • Stripper place
  • Punch
  • Four Slide Stamping