Auxiliary Processes for Sheet Metal Prototypes

Creative Solutions for Challenging Design Features

Complex Prototype Parts? - Can-Do!

With our wide array of tools and technologies, and the innovation and creativity of our engineers and operators, unconventional Auxiliary Processes are performed to produce the most challenging design features.

Other suppliers may tell you that a design feature can only be produced with a significant investment in tooling and a long lead time. Incodema will simply get it done.  Quickly, cost effectively and with the highest quality.

  • Secondary machining after forming
    • Milling by Bridgeport, Lathe or Vertical Machining Center
    • Laser
    • Water Jet
    • MicroCut™ (micro water jet)
    • Wire EDM
    • Ram EDM
  • Progressive forming - not reserved for progressive die tooling!
    • Cost effective, individual forming stations
  • Proprietary Processes.  Incodema has tricks that no other manufacturer uses.  Test our metal!