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Our team is here to support you in every step of the product development process. There is rarely one metal forming process that can achieve all the requirements of a design, so we offer Design for Manufacturing (DFM), which means we may identify alternative design features or processes that allows us to meet your specific design requirements faster and with a minimal loss of material. Feel free to reach out to our manufacturing engineers at any stage of your design process for guidance.

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  • Try to avoid exceeding the material maximum thickness and over-designing corners and edge conrequires. Features close to bends require a minimum 2-3x material thickness. Punching and stamping of material requires a bend relief of 1-1.5x material thickness. Stamped parts have a die break.

  • Tolerances and post operations such as milling and drilling add to the project cost.

  • Radii are often more economical than corner style. Use of standardized tooling inside radii of 0.01”, 0.03” and 0.06” can reduce project cost. Most parts can be formed with 0.010” bend radii, but it adds stress to the material.

  • Embossing adds strength and clearance, but it can add stress or warping to the material.

  • Partial shear is good for locating features, but it can cause material to be displaced from surface to surface.

  • Coining adds definition and clearance, but it causes material to be displaced from one surface.

  • Edge conditions will differ from process to process. Laser cut parts have a heat affected zone. Our laser machines can use specific assist gas to produce unique edge qualities.

  • Laser beam widths vary from 0.010”-0.025”. Our waterjet cutter width is 0.030” and greater.

Quote Tips

Please provide us with as much of the following information as possible, so we can get you an accurate quote quickly.

  • PDF drawing or CAD file
  • Type of material
  • Thickness of material
  • Temper

  • Hardware

  • Quantity

  • Will it require plating, painting or heat treatment?

Delivery Times

Parts Delivery Time
1-50 flat part pieces 2 days
50-1000 flat part pieces 5-7 days
1-5 drawn part pieces 10-15 days
4 slide tooled parts 4-6 weeks

Expedited parts are available at an additional cost.

Face Shield

Incodema is here to support you in your efforts to stay healthy against COVID-19. Incodema is supplying medical professionals with vital face-shield PPE. You can download our open source project files and manufacture your own face shields for medical professionals.

Our sanitizable, stainless steel and mylar face-shields can be cleaned and reused by our local medical personnel as they bravely treat and diagnose patients infected with the COVID-19 virus. Click here to read about our development process and view the open source project files.

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