Mid-High Volume

Our mid to high volume solutions take advantage of lower tooling and setup costs than progressive die manufacturing and can include custom features such as gussets and embosses. All our tooling is designed and built entirely in-house, making Incodema your turnkey manufacturing supplier.


We offer a variety of cost-effective, semi-automated tooling solutions that cost 15-30% of fully automated production tooling.

Photo Chemical Machined Flat Blanks

Small, thin parts with complex flat geometry are manufactured burr free and ready for forming.

Put-and-Take Tooling

Semi-complex dies, actuated manually or by machine, form complex features and/or multiple bending operations in one step.

Die Blanking

Flat parts and some parts with formed features may be manufactured complete in full automation or made ready for secondary, semi-automated bending and forming processes.

Four-Slide and Multi-Slide

Four slide and multi-slide manufacturing is ideal for small and intricate springs, brackets, electrical terminals, clips and battery contacts. All tooling is designed and built in-house.


Our skilled and creative toolmakers design and create complex tooling solutions necessary to manufacture even the most challenging stamped parts. Many of Incodema’s hands-on operators possess engineering skills, and they are empowered to develop manufacturing solutions on the fly to keep the manufacturing process moving quickly and smoothly.

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